Past players and coach share memories of Coach Black


With the recent news of Coach Black’s resignation, the Prep community has been remembering not only his successful career, but the impact he has had on hundreds of former players. The lessons he taught not only on the field, but also off the field has changed the lives of the many alumni that have grown through Jackson Prep’s football program:


Reed Peets, Class of 2018“Coach Black taught me the importance of taking responsibility and learning from my mistakes. In a film session, no false move went unnoticed. When you made an error, you were called out and forced to explain ‘why’ you didn’t do what you should have done. It was absolutely impossible to escape this conversation with a quick and easy answer. You were forced into recognizing and acknowledging what got in the way of a successful completion of your job. This was always frustrating in the moment, but I’ve come to see how powerful the lesson was. When you make a mistake, you have to first take responsibility for it as such. You can’t be successful until you understand what’s keeping you from success. Because of Coach Black, I pay more attention to detail, I’m a better listener, and I know what it means to sacrifice now for a celebration later. I owe so much of my maturation to you, Coach Black. Congrats on a legendary career. It was a real pleasure to play for you.”


Jerrion Ealy, Class of 2019

“The most valuable lesson Coach Black taught me is that ‘understanding’ is the greatest thing in the world because what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained. If I could tell Coach Black thank you, it would go like this: Thank you for providing me with countless advice whether it was about life or football. Thank you for setting the building blocks on how to be a man.”


Tate Fowler, Class of 2017

“Coach Black, you taught us all so unbelievably much in my three years about leadership, integrity, striving for excellence. You taught me how to face adversity head on as well as push and lean on those around me. We had many ups and downs, but I will always be forever grateful for the impact you have on my life and that of so many others. Thank you for helping me become man and form some of the greatest friendships of my life.”


Coach Jacob Land, 2014-2018

“Something I always remember about Coach Black is that I have never seen him not wear khaki shorts, a collared shirt, and his straw hat to practice. It did not matter if it was 30 degrees, he was wearing that look. Specific memories that I will always remember (besides all the state championships) are the coach’s ‘work days’ in the summer, and him having us dig what basically became a ditch and later became known as ‘Black’s lagoon’ by the soccer field. I am forever grateful for Coach Black though. He taught me how to be a coach and held me to a very high standard of excellence. He was tough but fair. He is a great coach but a better person!”