Classes squeeze in last bits before year ends

From Issue 10

Haze Clayton, 9th, reading to Mason Deas(9th) Lilly Luckett(9th), Tyler Collins(10th) as they study French

Teachers in the junior high have been working on ways to wrap up the school year before exams.

In the 7th grade, Ms. Cado’s class did a presentation on religions around the world. Each student had a partner and presented to the class.

Dr. Horlock’s class learned how to do CPR. They used a human dummy for practice.

In the 8th grade, Mr. Robichaux’s class is working on their storyboards. Storyboards are an online tool students use to illustrate what they have been learning. Once they finish, they will present to the class. This project was individualized.

Coach Caton has been working with her French students to write their own books in French and read them to the 6th graders. This is a great way to relieve stress before exam week and gives the students a way to get excited about ending the school year.