Nationally-Known Speaker to Discuss Leadership


          On Tuesday October 28th, Dr. Tim Elmore will be speaking at Jackson Prep with an emphasis on Growing Leaders in our Community, as part of the Global Leadership Institute’s series of Insight Forums.

Dr. Elmore founded the non-profit organization Growing Leaders as an attempt to develop young leaders. A nationally-known speaker, Dr. Elmore has lead numerous classes with football teams at schools such as the University of Alabama and Baylor.

Dr. Elmore will speak four separate times during his day at Jackson Prep.  He will start his day at 10:55-11:45 (Activity Period and Directed Study) in the Fortenberry Theatre, where the whole student body will meet to listen to him.

A luncheon will be held in the Centre for Arts and Leadership at 12:00, where 250 community leaders will be served lunch by 30 Jackson Prep students.

Following this luncheon, Dr. Elmore has invited anyone who would like to attend to join him at 1:15 in Lindsay Hall.

Dr. Elmore will conclude his busy day by talking to the Jackson Prep faculty about developing leaders in the classroom.