State Treasurer Lynn Fitch Speaks to Students



On Friday, February 27, 2015, Lynn Fitch, Mississippi’s State Treasurer, spoke to a group of Prep students during second period.  She discussed the lack of financial literacy in the state and around the country and how to improve the awareness of students.

Fitch said she is on a mission to travel around the state and speak to students about what financial literacy is and how to fix the nation’s perception about the state. Mississippi is currently known as the poorest state, yet is the most charitable state in the country.

Fitch went on to suggest to the students that they view a site on the internet that 18,000 students around the state have participated in to learn how well they know financial management.  She has teamed up with partnerships that are working to improve our youth and train teachers and administration on the topic of financial management.

Lynn Fitch will continue her tour around the state and will be running for re-election this year as Mississippi State Treasurer.

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch in the Lyceum. Photo by John Keeler.
(left to right) Camp Geary, Riley Kellum, Simmons Barraza, Lynn Fitch, Kathryn Bickerstaff, Madison Weeks, and Jake Mangum chatted after the presentation. Photo by Brock Newman.