Black Looks Back at Championship Season

From Issue 4

Head Football Coach Ricky Black ended a undefeated season by bringing home the school’s 4th state championship in a row.  When asked how he felt going into this year’s season he responded by saying “We lost 90% of our offense, including a great tailback and quarterback along with lots of great seniors. We knew we had a lot of important positions to fill.”

Coach Black has had many winning seasons in his career, so we asked him how this one compared. “It was one of the most enjoyable because of the fast starts to game that we had. The awards ceremony was very great and enjoyable.”

Coach Black is a very big believer in seniors being the leaders of the team so we asked how well the seniors filled the gap of last year’s seniors and led the team. “I think our seniors really took on the responsibility of leading the team seriously at the Natchez Cathedral game. Our first home game, from then on they did a fantastic job.”

This past year Jackson Prep’s backfield consisted of a freshman and junior at the tailbacks and  a sophomore at fullback and quarterback. So we asked what it was like having a backfield with hardly any game experience. “They took on the responsibilities and handled them very well. Jacob Crawley proved himself on the field as a huge asset for us.”

This is Jackson Prep’s and the MAIS’s  first 4-peat ever, we asked Coach Black how it felt. “It feels amazing, we’ve had many great teams who achieved 3 peats but never 4 in a row.” Coach Black was asked how he thought the team improved throughout the year he responded with “I think they improved a lot because they didn’t care who got the credit.”

Coach Black tells the team to sparkle at practice quite a bit so we asked how well did this team sparkled. “They sparkled very well, they brought that factor to the game that makes people say “WOW!”.” We asked how coach Black how he felt about next year’s season. “I feel confident in next year’s team and I want to coach them to what they want to accomplish.”