Boys’ Soccer Team Secures Number Six

This year the boys’ soccer team made their way to the MAIS AAAA State Title game and came away with the win. The boys team defeated the MRA Patriots by a score of 4-0. This was the 6th straight championship for the Pats to win.  Throughout the game the boys stayed strong and played great defense. The four goals were scored by four different players throughout the game.  The first one was scored by Jacob Crawley followed by Tate Fowler’s header assisted by Brent Hall. Just before the half, Hall put in a goal from 35 yards out. After half, Prep just had to play keep away with a 3-0 lead. With three minutes left in the game, Jacob McNeely put in the final goal, followed by an energetic celebration with Coach Jon Marcus Duncan. Shortly after the Patriots were holding up their State Championship trophy, overwhelmed with excitement.