Unleash brings worship to Patriot Avenue

Unleash, the Global Leadership Institute’s series of spiritual enrichment programs, was unleashed on October 20, 2016. Students and faculty came to hear pastor Jeff Redding speak and enjoy sweet fellowship.

The setting for Unleash has changed this year to the great outdoors. Held in the outdoor amphitheater, this new location was a hit. The weather was almost as warm as the Chick-fil-a sandwiches, but the message warmed the hearts most.  

Unleash only occurs a few times a year, so it is definitely a must-attend activity that Prep offers. Sophomore Mary Patton Murphy, who plays violin on the worship team, said “We have a really talented group this year and we’re all becoming better musicians because of it.”

Mr. Chris Kellum, a Prep parent, is helping lead this wonderful group.

The question proposed at the most recent Unleash was, “What Can’t God Do?” Redding said that we start to limit God on what we think He can do because we doubt Him. Redding gave three different stories but the result was all the same: God can do anything.

Photo by Genevieve Hurst
Photo by Genevieve Hurst
Photo by Maclain Kennedy
Photo by Maclain Kennedy