Students help out at museum’s “pop-up” toy store

Testing toys. Photo by Caroline McIntyre

As the holiday season approaches, a few Prep students have been volunteering at the Mississippi Children’s Museum pop up store in Highland Village. This is a store that is only open from now until the end of December.

At the store, kids are playing with exciting new toys, and older volunteers are helping children have the best experience enjoying the tester toys. Not only can you get to try out cool toys, but you can also buy amazing Christmas presents for kids.

The students tested toys outside in front of the store, where they raced cars, played with a giant rainbow ball, and dug around with the “bag of dirt” a.k.a the cleanest dirt in the world. Also, they enjoyed popsicles from the stores neighbor “Deep South Pops”, which made this experience even better.

Several students said that it was the best volunteer experience they have ever been a part of, because not only did they get to meet new people, but also have fun while helping the community.

There were a numerous amount of kids coming to Highland Village just to check out this awesome store, and play with the toys.

Mr. Charlie Frye, a Jackson Prep alumnus who works at Mississippi Children’s Museum, said, “What’s so awesome about this store is that everything that we make goes back to the Mississippi Children’s Museum to help fund our mission, which goes back to programs and education at the museum. Our mission is to ignite a thirst for discovery, knowledge, and learning in all children.”

While working with Mr. Frye, students learned that one of the most important task he wants to accomplish is helping children have fun. That task was definitely fulfilled while the Prep students were helping volunteer.

Inside the museum’s pop-up store. Photo by Caroline McIntyre