Prep publications procure prizes

Staff members await the closing ceremonies at the MSPA conference.

On Friday, March 31st, Prep students involved in student publications, Précis, Earthwinds, Mindprints, and The Sentry,  traveled to the University of Mississippi to attend the Mississippi Scholastic Press Association 2017 state convention. Schools statewide brought a total of 57 publication staffs to the convention, with 595 students in attendance.

The day on the Ole Miss campus consisted of many breakout sessions from Competitive  Yearbooking to Attack of the Drones: the advancement of aerial and drone journalism. These sessions were diverse to fit any student journalist’s appeals.

After the Breakout sessions and a catered pizza lunch, Students gathered in Ole Miss’ Gertrude C. Ford Center for Performing Arts, where publications and individual students were awarded for their work of the 2016-2017 year as part of the MSPA’s annual “Best of Mississippi” contest.

Mindprints, the junior high literary magazine, was named a finalist in the following categories: Best Literary Magazine (Publication of the Year), Theme, and Design. They were in competition with junior high and high school literary magazines from schools of all sizes statewide.

Earthwinds, Prep’s senior high literary magazine was named a finalist in the following categories: Best Literary magazine (Publication of the Year), Design, and Theme.

Précis, Prep’s yearbook, was named a finalist in the Colophon category. (Colophon is the publisher’s emblem or imprint, especially one on the title page or spine of a book.)

The Sentry, Jackson Prep’s newspaper, was named a finalist in the following categories: Best Newspaper (Publication of the Year), Print Layout and Design, and Sports Writing.

The following Sentry staff members were finalists in their individual categories (click to see honored entry):

Paul Andress – News Story

Sarah Riley Jicka – Opinion Piece

Jacob Aron & Jack Young – Staff Editorials

Holman Buchanan – News Photo and Sports Photo

Stewart McCullough – Sports Photo

Sloan Freeman – Cartoons