Jackson Prep’s latest addition hits the bullseye

From Issue 6

This year Jackson Prep started a new activity for students to enjoy.  Archery has been a growing sport for many years and has become very popular in Mississippi.  Schools gather together from all over the state to take part in competitions.  Coach Nix, who is coaching this new activity, is an experienced bow hunter.  This extracurricular activity was offered to boys in the Senior High at Prep.  The team will continue to expand throughout the year and are currently looking for female applicants.  

Recently, there was an archery tournament at the Columbia Expo Center where Prep students tested out their skills.  Before the competition the new team gathered together for their first practice at Lefleur’s Bluff State Park.  The Archery In Mississippi Schools State Archery Championship had more than 4,500 students competing, making it the largest state competition in the nation.  Most times the team practices in the Manning Center with targets set up in the back. They continue to do this getting ready for the upcoming competitions including competing at the MAIS State Championship in April.  PCS, JA, and MRA will also be present at the competition.  

Archery counts for the MAIS All-Sports Title and if won by Prep that would be one of many awarded to them.  Many who partake in this activity at Prep are experienced hunters but several are new to the sport.  Archery will continue to grow in Mississippi and at Prep.  Ally Walker, who is new to the team said, “I am very excited to be apart of archery this year!  I frequently bow hunt at my camp and have always enjoyed it and that is why I decided to join the team.”