Prep lit mags score at 2017 MSPA fall convention

I learned valuable pieces of information from professionals that can take our already strong literary magazine to the next level.  ”

— Junior John Louis Black

On Monday, October 30th, staff members from Earthwinds, Prep’s senior high literary magazine, Mindprints, the junior high literary magazine, Précis, Prep’s yearbook, and The Sentry all headed south for the Mississippi Scholastic Press Association’s fall convention, held at the University Southern Mississippi. The convention offered many students an opportunity to grow their talents as writers and editors during classes throughout the day.

To wrap up the convention, all students congregated for the keynote address given by Riva Brown. Ms. Brown stressed to all students that to be successful as a journalist, you must be: fearless, relentless, faultless. After Ms. Brown gave her final remarks, MSPA director R.J. Morgan announced the finalists and winners from both the literary magazine, and yearbook categories.

Both Ms. Kimberly Reedy, sponsor of Prep’s junior high literary magazine Mindprints, and Dr. Paul Smith, sponsor of the senior high literary magazine Earthwinds, were finalists for the MSPA’s Literary Magazine Adviser of the Year. Dr. Smith was the overall winner.

Both literary magazines were well-represented in the Individual and Publication award categories, with Mindprints bringing home the coveted Best Literary Magazine for their 2017 magazine.

Ms. Kimberly Reedy and Dr. Paul Smith.


Poem (Individual) – Jewels Tauzin, Earthwinds

Nonfiction (Individual) – Camille Grady, Earthwinds

Graphic Illustration (Individual) – Brianne Powers & Jewels Tauzin, Earthwinds; Brianne Powers, Earthwinds; Anderson Nixon, Mindprints

Short Fiction (Individual) – Camille Grady, Earthwinds; Reed Peets, Earthwinds; Madeleine Porter, Earthwinds

Photo (Individual) – Abigail Allen, Earthwinds; Graham Roberson, Earthwinds; Meredith Chrislip, Mindprints

 Design (Publication) – Earthwinds, Mindprints

Theme (Publication) – Earthwinds, Mindprints

Best Literary Magazine 2017 (Publication) – Earthwinds, Mindprints


Photo (Individual) – Meredith Chrislip, Mindprints

Short Fiction (Individual) – Camille Grady, Earthwinds

Nonfiction (Individual) – Camille Grady, Earthwinds

Design (Publication) – Earthwinds

Best Literary Magazine 2017 – Mindprints

To see a list of all finalists and winners, visit the MSPA website.

Members of Mindprints along with Ms. Reedy. Photo by Elizabeth Stephenson.
Members of Earthwinds with advisor, Dr. Paul Smith. Photo by Elizabeth Stephenson.
Staff members of all four publications. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Stephenson.