Students lead week of worship with The Pursuit

Students enjoy their Chick-Fil-A with their small groups

The Pursuit is a student-led week of worship, in which upperclassmen are advisors to the underclassman. This year, different seniors shared their testimonies to their peers by sharing videos on the projector. The purpose of this was to show fellow students how seniors felt God has worked in their life throughout their junior high and high school years.

The Pursuit took place on January 9-11. Each day, the students met during activity period and homeroom for worship and to listen to a message given by Cyril Chavis. On the first day, student leaders chose a spot for their group to sit and held up a sign so they could find them. Some of the signs were minions, selfies, a planet, and a red flag. Group leaders had a great time making their signs.

On the first day, seniors Sara Michael Kennedy, Maclain Kennedy, and Taylor McClure led worship. Throughout the rest of the week, worship leader Adam Landon from Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson led the students.

On Thursday night, the students came together from 6:00 to 8:30 for a night of fun and worship. The night started off with games. The students played a game where everyone walked in a circle and, when the music stopped, they had to find people to jump on their backs. If the students could not find partners when the music stopped, they were out of the game. The students also played sharks and minnows, and senior Anna Minich started out as the only shark.

After the games, the students sat with their small groups to eat Chick-Fil-A. Once everyone was done eating, they headed to the theater for worship to listen to Cyril speak and to talk in small groups.

This year, the senior leaders were Mary Parker Plunkett, Mary Patton Murphy, Reece Davis, and Stewart McCullough. These seniors were assisted by juniors Mackenzie Shoemaker, Alex Stradinger, Cassidy Zumallen, and Miriam Cochran. These students had their work cut out for them. They were responsible for making small groups, finding a speaker, finding worship leaders, and creating a schedule. They did an amazing job.

Overall, this event was a huge success, and students are looking forward to next year.