Youngest students win “USA” dress-up competition

To encourage student participation in pep rallies, the junior high student council came up with a way to get grades more involved. The junior high football team played Oak Forest on Thursday, and the theme of that day’s pep rally was “USA.”

The student council had an idea to have a battle between the grades and to see which one can dress up more for the pep rally that was yesterday. The prize for the grade who dresses up the most was donuts. Students were able to receive bonus points if they could encourage their teacher to also participate in the competition.

The 6th and 7th graders won the competition and got donuts during activity. Hopefully this idea will motivate the grades to dress up more for the last junior high football game against JA. The junior high student council is planning on doing this competition again to motivate more students to have school spirit.

The junior high football team went on to defeat Oak Forest 27-12