PET PROFILE: Blizzard the Hamster

pet profile
Graphic by Alex Roberson

This week’s pet profile is on a cute and furry friend – Havens Smith’s hamster, named Blizzard.

Havens, currently a sophomore at Jackson Prep, got Blizzard this past summer. This wasn’t her first rodeo with a hamster, though. Havens has had hamsters in the past, and her little brother really wanted another one, so they got Blizzard. 

Blizzard is large for a hamster, with white and grey markings. Havens says that she “love(s) how cute Blizzard is and how fun his personality is.” Though a small animal, Blizzard is really strong, and occasionally will open the top to his cage and attempt to escape. 

Havens says that he has even gone missing for two days before being found again in a closet! He eats and sleeps during the day, and at night runs around his cage. Blizzard loves attention, because he knows this means leaving the cage. He also loves the company of the family dog, Scout. 

When asked for tips about caring for a hamster, Havens said that “it’s important to know that they’re really active.”