Chivalry In The Hallways

Every year, Mr. Nathan Devine’s Senior English class does a week long project on chivalry.

Each boy is matched with a girl and asked to act chivalrous towards her for the entire week.

Observers can find out who a guy’s “lady” is by looking at the name on the shield that he is wearing. The shields are made by the “lady” before the week begins as her side of the project.

Acts of chivalry include: writing letters of affection, carrying books, and speaking to them in the hallway.

Wallace Weatherly wearing his chivalry shield for English.
Bailey Marble, Tolar Purvis, and Benton Cox during chivalry week.
Josh Aron escorting his maiden Bray Koury down the hallways.

Male students are graded on their acts of chivalry they perform, and female students are graded on the shield that they made.