Complete List of Précis Pageant Honorees

Mr. and Miss Jackson Prep J.C. Pride and Hayley Litchliter

Mr. and Miss Senior Class Noah Slack and Anna Miller Rebich

Most Handsome and Most Beautiful John Wooley and Mallory Abraham


Ashley O’Mara 

Hannah Higginbotham 

Kristina Zouboukos 

Leah Thomas 

Olivia Brown 

Caroline Barnette

Olivia Montagnet


Drew Kincaid

Mitch Redding

Lee Meena

Creed Franklin

William Garrard

John Keeler


Most Athletic Kaleb Lovertich and Tori Jones

Most Charming Matthew Clay and Olivia Flynt

Wittiest Ross Edwards and Alex Uschmann

Most Intellectual Seth Lenoir and Marina Joel

Most Talented Logan Clark and Emily Box

Most Artistic Phillip Herring and Avery Harmon

Most Likely to Succeed Conner Watson and Kara Cook

Most School Spirit Jacob Whitaker and Beth Graeber

Friendliest Kendall Clarke and Weslee-Parks Patti

Most Versatile Thomas Kirby and Kelsey Harmon

Dynamic Duo Ross Edwards and Creed Franklin

Senior Class Favorites:

Courtney Burrow Emily Ellison

Elizabeth Glaze Molly Haire

Amber Mabry Mollie Merrell

Martha Rayner Brooke Womack

Daniel Hayes Brister Worth Eskrigge

Biggs Henry Sam Mosley

Cole Swayze Benjamin Wilkinson

Mr. and Miss Junior Class Paul Andress and Rosemary Ferguson

Mr. and Miss Sophomore Class Maddy Mazzaferro and Reed Peets