New Hotels Popping up in Jackson

From Issue 7

The hotel choices in the capital city will soon be expanded. There are at least four new hotels in the works in Jackson. Two new hotels will go up in the Fondren District, one in Downtown Jackson, and one in the new Eastover District. In the Fondren district a 9-story boutique Hotel named “The Fondren” will soon occupy the space where Kolb’s Cleaners currently resides. Another hotel further North next to the Pig n’ Pint will go up named “The Whitney.” This hotel will be owned and run by Hampton Inn.

The Eastover District will have a new Residence Inn by Marriott going up on the property. With new businesses and shopping going up in the district, visitors will be glad to have a new place to stay. The newest hotel coming to downtown Jackson is a 9-story Westin, a higher-end hotel. With over 400 new hotel rooms coming to the Capital City, conferences and events, as well as visitors will be encouraged to stay in Jackson, instead of surrounding suburbs.

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