Text of Message from Dr. Walton To Prep Community, 8/23/14

Prep Family,

I am writing to share details about our student, Walker Wilbanks, who was transported last night to the hospital during the second half of our home football game against Oxford High School. Walker is in critical condition after suffering a seizure while in the ER. The Wilbanks family has asked that we relay that they are coveting all prayers, and they ask that I convey that to the Prep family.

I appreciated seeing the massive outpouring of support for Walker and the Wilbanks family last night at the hospital. As students and family friends accumulated, we had and continue to have the support of several area youth pastors on hand to help our students cope with this extremely difficult news.

Starting at noon today, we are placing a hold on school activities on our calendar. The Global Leadership Institute Making a Difference Project Dance Competition that was scheduled for this evening at 5:00 p.m. will be postponed to another time. We recognize that many from our community want to be together right now, so in its place we will offer a time for the Jackson Prep community to come to campus for a prayer vigil in Lindsay Hall. The prayer vigil will be limited to members of our Jackson Prep community and invited guests.

Additionally, Monday’s One School, Many Books initiative will be postponed and we will follow a regular bell schedule. Teachers, please plan to be present for a 7:30 a.m. Monday meeting in Lindsay Hall for additional information and communication.

Parents and students should know that we will be augmenting our existing counseling staff substantially for this evening’s vigil and the upcoming days and weeks at school.

Naturally, as more details become available from the Wilbanks family, we will pass them on. Please join me in lifting this family up in prayer, and I look forward to seeing you this evening.


Jason L. Walton

Psalm 4:1