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Jackson Prep’s latest addition hits the bullseye

Jackson Prep's latest addition hits the bullseye

By Ann Clardy Byrd

April 10, 2017

This year Jackson Prep started a new activity for students to enjoy.  Archery has been a growing sport for many years and has become very popular in Mississippi.  Schools gather together from all over the state to take part in competitions.  Coach Nix, who is coaching this new activity, is an exp...

“Youth Leg” Starts on the Right Foot

By Blair Stockett and Ann Clardy Byrd

November 19, 2015

This year, Jackson Prep took a group of 31 students to the Youth Legislature convention in downtown Jackson.  Prep has been attending for quite some time and each year student interest has grown for Youth Leg.   Students sign up at the beginning of the year and have meetings with the sponsors, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Upchurch, and Mrs. Scruggs, after scho...

New Teacher Profile: Lynn Miller

Photo courtesy of Dr. Lynn Miller

By Ann Clardy Byrd

September 17, 2015

Dr. Lynn Miller is a new teacher this year at Jackson Prep. Miller grew up in Jackson and she was an undergraduate at Mississippi University for Women. Miller has a masters in art history at Georgia and a masters in Divinity at Union . She was a Dr. of Ministry at The University of Pittsburg. Miller also...

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