New round of awards for both Prep literary magazines

From Issue 5

Earthwinds is the product of a creative writing class that consists of twelve people who write short fiction stories, poetry, judge pictures, and design an annual magazine.  Each year, the magazine and individual class members also are considered for national awards.

In late 2016, Earthwinds was awarded a Gold Medal with All-Columbian Honors in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s annual celebration of student literary magazines. More recently, Earthwinds staff members won five Gold Circle Awards from the CSPA for their 2016 edition.

Their work was judged by the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University in New York. The Golden Circle awards students, writers, and journalists for their noteworthy work throughout the United States.

Senior Brianne Powers won second place in design portfolio, third place in typography, and a Certificate of Merit in cover design. Hannah Herrin (class of 2016)  and Brianne Powers received third place in Multi-page Presentation. The Earthwinds staff won second place in Multi-page presentation.

At the end of April and first of May, Earthwinds’ latest volume, volume 46, will be released on Coffeehouse Day. On that day samples of the new Earthwinds edition will be read, and coffee and other snacks will be available. Students will be able to get a copy of their new edition on that day.

Mindprints is a junior-high run literary magazine. They recently received a rank of Recommended Highest Award in the 2016 National Council of Teachers of English Program to recognize excellence in student literary magazines. The editors are Jack Mullen and Anna Stack. This is the first year Mindprints had entered four competitions and received a high ranking on all of their pieces.