Restaurant Review: Kale Me Crazy

From Issue 6


Eliza Mazzaferro
Delicious smoothies and an açaí bowl from Kale Me Crazy.

Kale Me Crazy is a new and popular healthy food restaurant whose mission is to provide quick and nutritious options to people who are searching for a healthier lifestyle. They provide a wide selection of smoothies, juices, salads, and wraps, as well as, a modern day favorite: avocado toast. The look of the restaurant is along the lines of an upscale cafe.

Mississippi has one location located in Ridgeland. I have recently visited the restaurant to see what the craze was all about. The atmosphere gives off a nice clean and modern feel which is very pleasing to begin with. The waiting time for your food or smoothie is not too long and the service is very nice. The place was not too busy and made chatting with friends a very enjoyable experience. 

One complaint is the expensive prices. Ordering just one meal there can be very pricey and a teenager paying for my own food, I could not afford a meal here very often. Another issue is the lack of seating availability and space. The restaurant is confined in a very small space, which is fine for now, but concerning for future business and growing popularity. 

When I visited the first time, I ordered the Kale-icious smoothie and the chicken pesto wrap. Both food items were very tasty and enjoyable. The quality of the food I ordered was clean and fresh tasting and left me feeling great after. The proportion sizes were perfect for me. There was not any left over. For someone with a bigger appetite, I would suggest the poke bowl, which is packed with protein and nutrients. The meals, overall, are more for anyone who is in the mood for a lighter lunch or breakfast.

  Kale Me Crazy also provides 1-3 day juice cleansing packages and power/energy shots. Another popular treat they serve are acai bowls which are basically fruit smoothies in a bowl with really helpful benefits. I ordered their acai bowl and was a little overwhelmed with the portion size, and was not able to finish. Other than that I found it a tasty and delightful treat.

Overall Kale Me Crazy is a really fun and different experience and I would strongly suggest giving it a try. Chances are you won’t be disappointed. I am amazed at their ability to serve yummy and delicious food with really healthy benefits.