REVIEW: Stuffed Asian Street Food


We Stuffed Asian Street Food’s lemongrass grilled chicken on the bao bun (left) and combination cold cut on a bao bun (right).

Instead of traveling across the globe for Asian street food, you can now travel to Cultivation which is located in The District in Jackson, MS.  Stuffed Asian Street Food offers a wide variety of sandwiches and appetizers.

We tried the combination cold cut on a bao bun.  The meal cost $12 dollars and came with three smaller sized bao bun sandwiches and a side of wonton chips.  The chips were deliciously crisp.  The texture of the bao bun surprised me but it paired with the meat very well.  A bao bun is a light, fluffy steamed bun that is far from the buns you may traditionally think of.  On my sandwich were cold cut meats, like salami, jalapenos, cucumbers, shredded carrots, and Vietnamese sauce.  The sandwich was refreshing and delicious.  Would we order this again? Yes.  While it is very different from what we typically eat in a restaurant, we enjoyed trying something new and expanding my tastebuds. 

We tried the combination cold cut on a bao bun.We also ordered the lemongrass grilled chicken on the bao bun. The cost was $12 and was very filling. The price seemed a little steep but there was so much food that it was reasonable. The chicken was seasoned very well and had a flavorful barbeque sauce on top. The side options were either wonton chips or shrimp chips. We chose the wonton chips and they were great, but would be even better if they had a sauce to dip them in. This was not something we would normally order but we were glad we did. It was unique and we encourage others to branch out and give it a try. 

We both enjoyed our dining experience at Stuffed Asain Street Food. The service was great and we got our food in a timely manner. If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, we recommend trying Stuffed Asain Street Food.