The Juicy Seafood vs. The Mighty Crab


A pirate-and-shark decoration at The Mighty Crab

Recently, two seafood restaurants opened in the Jackson area. The Juicy Seafood opened in the old Sombra building in Dogwood. The Mighty Crab opened in the old Crazy Ninja building across from GI Associates in Flowood. I visited both to see which restaurant is the best.

I first went to The Juicy Seafood. We arrived, and the hostess did not say a word to us. I told her how many people were in our party, and she took us to a table. I would have felt more welcomed if she had at least said, “Enjoy!” I immediately noticed the fabulous decor. There were large lobsters on the walls and fishnets hanging from the ceiling. The restaurant had a nice setup; it did not feel too open, and you felt like you had privacy while eating. The music was not good, and I found it very annoying. It did take a while for someone to take our drink orders, but once he did take them, the drinks came fast. We ordered hush puppies as an appetizer, and they came out quickly, but we did not have any plates to eat them on. The Juicy Seafood is very interesting because plates and silverware are not given to you because you eat the seafood with your hands. As a result, we didn’t have plates to eat our appetizer on. The hushpuppies were very light, airy, warm, and tasted delicious . The menu was easy to understand, but there was not a large selection to choose from. I ordered a combination of shrimp and crawfish in cajun seasoning. The combo came with potatoes and corn as well. The food came out at different times but promptly. My shrimp were amazing and had a lot of flavor along with my potatoes and corn. My crawfish were not good at all. They tasted like they had been frozen and were very bland. Overall I think there is room for improvement within the service, but on the other hand, most of the food was very good and flavorful except for the crawfish.

Second, I went to the Mighty Crab.  The hostess was very polite, cheerful, and made me feel very welcomed. She was willing to work with us to find a table where we could sit comfortably. The decorations were good but the restaurant was very open and there was not much privacy. The menu was easy to read and it had a lot of options to choose from. It had sliders which The Juicy Seafood did not. We ordered hush puppies but they took longer to come then at The Juicy Seafood. Once they came they tasted good but were dense and packy. The Juicy seafood’s hush puppies tasted better and came out faster. I ordered the shrimp and scallops in the cajun seasoning. It did not take long for the food to come. The food was very good. It was flavorful and just the right amount of seasoning. The shrimp were amazing and the scallops were good but they were very small. The meal also came with corn and potatoes. The corn was good but the potatoes were lacking flavor unlike at The Juicy Seafood. The Mighty Crab had decent service but the food was very good. 

So, which restaurant is the best? Well, it is The Mighty Crab. The food was about the same but The Mighty Crab had better service. Neither had amazing service but both had exceptional food.