New Teacher Profile: Butch Case

Coach Butch Case, an experienced basketball coach, came to Jackson Prep this year after spending time in many sports-related roles.  Coach Case attended college at Troy for football but realized it was not for him. During his four years there, he worked in the front office of their basketball program. 

Logan Huff
Coach Butch Case in the Prep gym.

His love for the game of basketball lead him to a coaching job at UMS Wright in Mobile, Alabama.  He coached there for four years before moving to MRA for a season of basketball and junior high football.  Coach Case was drawn to work under Coach Timothy Wise, a former Millsaps coach, due to Wise’s level of experience. Coach Case felt as if the Prep basketball program provided him a good opportunity to learn more about the game he loved.  

As a new coach, Case is excited about the good core of senior players in the basketball program.  He is also excited about working with his own group of Varsity B team players, giving them ”valuable playing time,” preparing them, and creating depth in the varsity roster for years to come. 

 Although Coach Case’s main passion is rooted in the game of basketball, he also coaches seventh grade football.  He recently led the seventh grade team to their first road win against Christ Covenant, due to the team’s “good depth”.  Coach Case proceeded to say, “They will be a tough team to beat.” 

Outside of basketball and football, Coach Case also enjoys golfing, hunting, and spending time with his newborn daughter.  

Not only does Case coach, but he also teaches Sports Marketing at Prep.  He enjoys the student-teacher interaction at Prep and loves that the students are able to voice their opinion in a respectful manner.