REVIEW: Disney+ lets your relive past favorites


Disney+, the newest streaming service, launched on November 12, 2019, and is now competing with other services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Downloaded over 3.2 million times on the first day released, Disney + is already extremely successful. 

Disney+ costs 6.99/month or 69.99/year after a free 7 day trial. Compared to Netflix, which is 12.99/month, Disney + is a much better option pricewise. 

The service offers a wide variety of content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox. Movies such as Lady and the Tramp, Star Wars, Tangled, and Black Panther are featured, along with many current and throwback shows such as Hannah Montana, Lizzie McgGuire, and Raven’s Home. Many of these are not featured on other streaming services. 

Tenth grade student Jane Hurst said “I like that it has all the Disney movies that Netflix doesn’t have.” With Amazon Prime, it costs $79/year to watch Disney movies, compared to the $69.99/year you pay with Disney+. For the unique content you get on Disney plus and the lower price per month, it’s an irresistible deal.

Disney plus is also an ad-free streaming service and has unlimited downloads. 

This is much nicer than Hulu’s non-premium deal, which has frequent ads before and during every show, still only one dollar less than Disney+ plan. 

You can watch it on gaming consoles, smart TVs, mobile devices, tablets, desktop web browsers, and streaming devices (such as Chromecast and Apple Airplay). Disney + can even be watched on an Xbox. The amount of devices you can watch it on makes it really great service. 

Disney also made a package including all Disney productions, ad-free Hulu, and ESPN+. This bundle is 12.99/month. By buying this bundle, you can save $5 if you were to have a regular membership.

Disney+ is a great service if you’re wanting to watch/relive any Disney shows and movies you watched as a kid, or just to get the benefits of movies unavailable on Amazon Prime or Netflix!