Time to revisit Haunted Mansion?


Have you ever heard of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, the movie? The Haunted Mansion is a Disney original movie released in 2003. Many people haven’t heard of this movie, but it is a must watch during the Halloween season. 

 The movie is based on Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride. The ride was ready to ride in 1969 and is a family favorite.  The ride takes you on a tour through the mansion and your mission is to escape before the time runs out.

This movie stars parents Jim and Sara, and children, Megan and Micheal. Sara gets invited to attend a dinner at Gracey Manor. She is instructed to come alone, but her family tags along and turns it into a vacation trip. Jim quickly finds out the owners of the mansion are ghosts and trapped them insided. The ghosts are trying to use his wife Sara to break an ancient curse. To break the curse, the ghosts have to get Sara to marry the owner of the mansion, Master Gracey. 

While Sara is getting ready for her forced marriage, Jim is scavenging for clues to figure out why his wife was chosen and what this curse is all about. 

The Haunted Mansion is available for streaming on Disney +, Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu.