Christmas in Jackson


Christmas in the South is a wonderful time of year. Living in the “Bible Belt,” many of the celebrations are religious based as opposed to the secular theme that many times is the focus of the holiday season.

Here in Jackson, we take pride in celebrated this awesome time of the year by displaying and hosting events around the community that revolve around the theme of Christmas. December is a busy month for everyone and many organizations do something to get in the mood of the season. Things such as Christmas lights and decorating are an intricate part of the Jackson community. Businesses, churches, school, and charity organization hold food drives and fundraisers to celebrate the giving part of Christmas.

One way that many people celebrate the birth of Christ is by going to different church services that offer the biblical Christmas story. First Baptist Jackson offers “Carols by Candlelight” which is a music based show that displays the manger scene while also entertaining with some secular performances. Most churches hold a Christmas Eve service. Episcopal churches hold something called a “midnight mass.”  A midnight mass consists of a service at church to welcome in the birthday of Christ. Overall, people in the Jackson area due a good job of mixing secular events while celebrating the religious aspect as well.

Educational displays around the community use the spirit of Christmas to hold fun events mainly for kids. The Old Capitol Museum holds the annual “Years of Yuletide: Christmas in Jackson” which tells how people have celebrated Christmas ever since the city was founded, and which runs through the end of December. The Natural Science Museum holds the “Snowflake Science” activity on December 19. This tells kids how snow works all while being enjoyable.

Jackson Prep offers many events to celebrate the season as well. Friday, December 12th was tacky sweater day where students were invited too wear their favorite tacky Christmas sweater. The Jackson Prep senior high band performed in the Holiday Christmas concert. Many other things such as decorations do a good job at celebrating the holiday.

Christmas around Jackson is very festive. It is one of the greatest times of year. Although our southern climate is hot and humid, it is still exciting too get a little cold weather. It is a great time too spends time with your family. School is out and this time offers great rest for people everywhere as they unwind and begin to think about the new year as it quickly approaches.