Prep Alum Runs for MS State Treasurer

From Issue 6

This year Jackson Prep graduate David McRae is running for State Treasurer of Mississippi.

McRae grew up in Jackson and  graduated from Prep in the class of 2000. He said Prep has played a major role in preparing him for the challenges of work and life. McRae was very involved with theater and arts in his time at Prep.

“These programs got me interested in the arts, which later helped me get involved with charities such as the Mississippi Museum of Art,” McRae remembered. 10847651_419402394884183_3149181115684776907_o

After graduation, McRae  went on to attend Southern Methodist University and, later, got a law degree from Mississippi College School of Law. Since then he has worked with his father at McRae Investments, managing money and the philanthropy efforts the firm. Recently, McRae Investments has secured funding for Habitat for Humanity, raised funds for the Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital, and endowed a chair of the School of Law at Mississippi College.

McRae said he “didn’t grow up planning to be in politics.  He says describes himself as having “spent my career in the private sector managing money and our philanthropy efforts.  But recent statewide scandals involving public fraud and incompetence led me to believe the greatest need right now is for more people in the public service willing to stand up and speak the truth.”

This is McRae’s first time running for a political position and having his own campaign. He said, “It has been a great experience travelling the state and meeting so many people from various walks of life. Mississippi is a great state and has a lot to be proud of. The biggest surprise  has been the amount of time one is forced to pay for television ads and all the other things that go into a statewide campaign.”

The Mississippi Treasurer primary election for the Republican party will be held on August 4, 2015. McRae will be running against Lynn Fitch, who is seeking to be reelected and serve her second term as the Mississippi State Treasurer.