New Teacher Profile: Allison Myers

MyersPicMs. Allison Myers grew up in Pascagoula on the Gulf Coast. Dancing was her original passion. It did not matter whether it was traditional dance, ballet, jazz, or anything else, she did it. For a total of 16 years she danced. Up to this day she still likes to coach cheer – even if it’s only one day per week.

When Hurricane Katrina reached Mississippi, the coast suffered more than just power outages. Myers had to evacuate her house, and head for somewhere safe. When she and her family came back, the house had been 4.5 feet underwater and needed to be completely gutted and restored. She remarks that a lot of good came out of it though; people stopped thinking so much of material items and cared more about other people.

As a career, Myers actually didn’t have her mind set on being a teacher until the middle of college. She went to Mississippi College, where one professor always told her she was going to be a teacher. Some time later, she decided she wanted to teach. She can teach chemistry, biology, and, of course, physics.

As a 11th grade physics teacher, she has her work cut out for her. Getting students to think about forces, motion, and energy is no easy task. But she enjoys it. Most of all, she really seems to enjoy Prep. Other faculty members have constantly been asking if they can do anything to help and Mrs. Myers remarks “I don’t think I could have picked a better place to start my teaching career.”