“Of Mice and Men” at Prep

While the majority of Jackson Prep has grown quiet for the summer, Fortenberry Theatre has been booming with excitement as students and alumni prepare for the inaugural student-led production.

This interpretation of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is the vision of seventeen-year-old director Gregor Patti. Patti is thoroughly involved in the performing arts programs at Jackson Prep and dreamed of taking his love for acting to a directorial role.

Keeton Landfair will be playing the role of George with Patti as Lennie.  The cast and crew consists of current students and recent alumni.

Patti said, “The main idea behind doing this was trying to create an environment in which I could do more of what I am passionate about, while also making it open to others who are passionate about it to, that being theatre and acting. It’s just me wanting to push my limits a little bit and challenge myself.”

 Patti summarized the play’s central concept saying, “Of Mice and Men to me is about companionship, and pursuing what you see is your passion. George and Lennie have this beautiful friendship in that they have each other.”


Gregor had an incredible vision and, by George, he has achieved it.”

— Lawson Marchetti

Keeton said, “The amount of support that the community has shown for this is incredible. We are going to make sure the show is the absolute best it can be.”

The performance will take place on June 17th at 7pm and on June 18th at 2pm and 7pm. Tickets can be purchased on the Jackson Prep website (boxoffice.jacksonprep.net) or at the door.

Assistant director Lawson Marchetti encourages everyone to come to this performance, saying, “I could not be more honored and proud of a show. Gregor had an incredible vision and, by George, he has achieved it. A brilliantly talented group of both prep theatre rookies and seasoned veterans, along with tireless, selfless parents, educators and friends, have united behind his vision and created something so raw, so stirring, so chilling and so heartfelt that the community will not believe it when they see it.”


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